About This Blog: Change, Wholeness, Expression

This blog is a personal blog. The first post was written in Fall of 2009. Originally, I started it to have an outlet for my thoughts and feelings. I wanted to be able to express things I was feeling without censoring myself so much. Now, when I look out at the category list I realize I’ve posted a lot of poetry. This blog helped me get back in touch with that part of myself. Yay!

Another reason for starting the blog was to motivate myself to write and share the writing with others. I want the same thing that I wanted then. To develop as a writer. To express in a way that is unique unto me. To connect with others. To connect with people I would never have come into contact with had I not added my words to the World Wide Web and slowly but surely to connect with people I see and talk with in my waking walking life.

I’m going through a lot of changes right now. I feel very creative. I feel new.

This is space where I can express many different things, interests, ideas, in any way I choose. It’s where experience, perception, imagination, playfulness, desire, meet expression and experimentation.

In short order. Anything goes.




I started another blog in December of 2014.