The Superior Lover

For the ancient Chinese, GOOD SEX equaled good health. A satisfying sex life was said to ward off the seven emotional illnesses of depression, fear, anxiety, selfishness, anger, sadness, and remorse.

Only through daily self-renewal of character can one continue at the height of power. -I Ching

The superior lover:

* Is humble

* Is willing to let other go ahead.

* Offers their partner attention, support, affection, and humor.

* Is Courteous.

* Has good manners.

* Is good-nurtured.

* Is calm.

* Feels compassion for others.

* Chooses battles wisely and yields to win..

* Gives others credit.

* Speaks well of everyone.

* Is physically fit.

* Practices moderation.

* Can cheerfully do without.

* Is able to make decisions.

* Likes to teach others.

* Is tolerant of faults.

* Is gentle.

* Is true to beliefs.

* Has nothing to prove.

* Is content.

* Laughs easily.

* Can cry.

* Is dependable.

* Is aware of danger.

* Has no hidden agendas.

* Honors others and is honored in kind.

* Pays attention to detail.

* Puts effort into staying connected.

* Is optimistic.

* Is considerate.

* Is fair.

* Causes others to feel special.

* Is forgiving.

* Holds no bitterness.

* Obtains nothing by force.

* Overlooks the mistakes of others.

* Leaves things better than the way they found them.

* Seeks enlightenment.

* Does not boast.

* Has endurance.

* Lives a simple life.

* Exists in the present.

* Nurtures good qualities.

* Depends on self for happiness.



From Chinese Sexual Astrology-Eastern Practices for Mind-Blowing Sex
by Shelly Wu


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