Beautifully Swayed

I see beauty in all things. I look and it isn’t hard to see.

That I will be swayed by the beauty all around me and I won’t make good choices.
Blinded by beauty.
Deceived by beauty.
Rotten things in pretty packages.

Being around and looking at beautiful (to me) people, that I may not be able to see who they really are. Inside qualities. That I will be hurt or disappointed if they are not nice or good people. If they are “ugly” on the inside.

May I look at you? May I look at you up close? May I look at you for awhile? Are you afraid to be seen?

I may look at you with the curiosity of a child, the focus of a newborn, the objectivity of a scientist, with a lover’s gaze. And I will smile. Laugh. Make a funny face. Tears may form and one may fall.

When I feel challenged, like you are trying to dominate me, or take things out on me…I may look at you with a stony stare that I’ll relinquish when I remember you are not an enemy. I do not wish to fight. My only way, the path I choose, is love.

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