Poly: Three-Way

A kaleidoscope is a tube of mirrors containing loose colored beads, pebbles, or other small coloured objects. The viewer looks in one end and
enters the other
off the mirrors.
As the tube is rotated, the tumbling of the coloured objects presents the viewers with varying colours and patterns. Any arbitrary pattern of objects shows up as a beautiful symmetric pattern because of the reflections in the mirrors. A two mirror model yields a pattern or patterns isolated against a solid black background, while a three mirror (closed triangle) model yields a pattern that fills the entire field.

siphoned from Wikipedia Kaleidoscope

I’ve always liked 3. The power inherent in the number 3. Trinity. Trine. Tre. The third. III.

selections from Linda Goodman’s Star Signs
3 vibrates to the planet Jupiter. It represents idealism, higher education, foreign travel, and religion. 3 is the number of optimism, movement, expansion—And the Holy Trinity of the body, mind, and spirit.
People who are born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st, 30th are stamped with the distinctive imprint of the number 3.
3 people base every action upon the foundation of a great ideal. They aim high for truth, and nothing less than truth will satisfy them, whether they seek the truth of a love affair, a friendship, a career, politics, or religion. The 3 vibration is fiercely independent, seeks total freedom of speech and movement, and cannot be tied down.
Religion is an important part of the life of a 3, whether religion is fervently, fanatically accepted, or bitterly rejected. The attitude is never neutral.
The 3 vibration is shockingly blunt of speech, candid to a fault. There’s a genuine love for animals. Marriage works only when freedom is total.
3 people often display and odd blend of the wise philosopher and the happy go lucky clown. Some of the goals, dreams, ambitions are serious; others are silly and frivolous

*me now*
3 deeply resonates with me at this time. I’ve been steady thinking about a triad as far as a relationship goes. I think a closed (gah!) Triad. Closed for a bit that is. Maybe. ha ha. The idea of a triad is very appealing to me. The doubt that comes into play sometimes though, is that it’s hard enough to find one person I want to be with one, let alone two. We’ll see how things go.

In late 2005, I was very very briefly involved with a young married couple. I had been telling my friends for awhile that I wanted to be with a couple because I didn’t feel I had enough time or energy to give to one person and when I wasn’t around, they’d have each other. At the time all our first names began with the letter J. J, J, and J. The 3 J’s 🙂 They were a female and a male married couple. The woman approached while I was sitting reading at The Other Side, which was a local independently owned coffee shop I frequented. I was reading and she had been playing pool with her co-worker. After her co-worker left she came up to me and asked if I’d like to play. I did. We played and talked. I wasn’t looking for anything. After a few games, maybe 3 (ha ha), we decided to walk around for a bit. She said she needed to make a call. I was like, okay. We walked around the neighborhood and ended up at another local coffee shop. It was Friday night. Crowded. A band was playing. We settled into a comfy couch close to the front. I love music. I really love live music. She started singing softly in my ear. She asked me what I was thinking and I told her I was thinking about making love. After that we walked around some more. She asked me who I thought she had called. I honestly didn’t care. I guessed boyfriend, friend, roommate, mother, sister, and so on. Then it dawned on me. Husband. Bingo. We had had a good time together and I liked her. Her color, light brown skin, the boldness in which she approached me, the singing in my ear. I liked the randomness of meeting and being on an impromptu date. We exchanged numbers. We hung out another time with my friends and because we were partying and I don’t drive drunk we made a make shift bed on the floor to come back to after the club. We were left alone for a bit. I was teased quite a bit by my friends when she was out of the room because she was really young. We were doing jello shots and the joke was that we were corrupting a minor. I didn’t know at the time how old she was. I thought maybe 20. She was 19, I found out later. And I was 27. Fuck age really. She was cute and into me and I hadn’t been with a girl in a long while. I had been heavily into a boy phase previous to encountering her. I hadn’t been looking for anyone at all but I was getting approached by folk a lot. Any old way we hung out but did not spend the night together. I really don’t like sleeping away from home and we were at a friend of a friends place. No privacy really. I put her in a cab, gave her cab fare, and walked myself home.

A few days after that, I get a call. She asks me what I’m doing. I tell her, blah blah. She comes out and just asks me straight up if I wanted to have a threesome with her and her husband that night. I said I didn’t know and could I call her back. I was like, whoa. I had always wanted to have a threesome some day. My fantasy had been with two women though. I asked one of my roommates what he thought and he was like why not. This was a good opportunity. I called her back and told her yes I’d like to. I needed to take a bath first and I told her I didn’t want to be penetrated by her husband. That was my only restriction. Things were ago. I picked her up at her place. She waited for me outside. She wanted to get some stuff to make drinks. I bought some rum and pepsi. We went back to her place where I met her husband. He was nice. And good looking. And we talked. We were alike in temperament. Easy going, matter of fact. I felt I could see why she was attracted to me. She needed to drink a bit. She was nervous. He and I did not need a drink but we drank a sip or two to be connected with her. So she would not be the only one drinking. Then it was like, how to proceed. I made the first move by kissing him. Then it was on. We fucked on the living room floor.

I won’t go into the details of our sexual encounter. I will only say that it was great. A really positive experience. Afterwards I asked could I spend the night. It was beyond late. We pulled out the futon and she covered me up. And her and her husband went to their bedroom. Later, I heard her get up to go the bathroom. After using it, she got into bed with me and we cuddled up. I spooned her. Her husband came out later looking for her but she was asleep. He was really upset. I told him, because I felt bad for him, that after I drove her to work, he and I would fuck. The next morning I drove her to work. There were calls between them, and calls to me. Later, while I was driving him to a job interview we talked about what we wanted. She didn’t want us ever to have penetrative (penis-vagina) sex. Also, there was a question of whether we should only do it when we were all together. They hadn’t worked it out beforehand. The rules or whatever. And now jealousies, insecurities, confusion, were up and feelings were involved. We saw each other a few more times. And we were caring and considerate of each other but not quite friends. We never did have sex again. I moved out of town for 5 months. I visited though and took her to the park and showed her the botanical gardens and bought her lunch. We wrote a few letters. I was super depressed though and living with my Aunt and Uncle. Trying to get myself together so I could back to my life. Get back in my life. Get back to the city I loved. When I moved back they had moved. I ran into her in 2007. She was with a friend. She and her husband had just had a baby girl. She asked for my number and I got hers. I thought maybe we could be friends and maybe that’s what she thought too. I didn’t want to be involved with them sexually anymore. I wasn’t at all in the same state of mind and a baby was just wow. They were a little family and I wanted there little family to have a chance. Who knows what kind of mess we could’ve made. One day I decided to call the number. It was out of service. That was that.

Today. Right now, I would love to be with a loving couple. Or be a part of a couple that bought someone awesome into our relationship. It seems fascinating and creative and different than what is common and these are all pluses. It just feels that it would be an ideal type of relationship for me. Working within the dynamics of three. Figuring out what best works for us. Who knows what the future may bring.
We’ll see how things unfold.

2 thoughts on “Poly: Three-Way

  1. You already know how I feel about this topic. I wish more people would be open minded to new ideas and ways of love. Again well written 🙂


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