5-28 to 6-19 journal excerpts 2

May 31
I am watching/listening to Angels in America. K_says W_is moving to ___. E_got a job there. I felt sad.
..I’ve had 3 1oz bags of Nacho Cheese Doritos, water, a brownie, 6 Mt Athos Feta olives, brown rice, black beans. I went to 5th Ave bookstore looking for Simple Tibetan Buddhism-looked at a bunch of Titles. Divine Romance (P.Y.) will be one I read soon. Pilgrims of the stars? is one. When I saw the picture of Indira Devi sp? I teared up + if I wasn’t in public I might have sobbed. She’s so beautiful. Can’t wait to read it.
..I’m sleepy. Or tired of being awake.
..my life is full of grace. Why now am I scared? So many changes to go + no one (physical) to hold on to/to hold me. To sleep beside me. I feel alone + scared a very little bit.
..so I can leave (the store I work at at) before W_ leaves. Weird. I’m surprised I thought I would see her in HC (Hillcrest) sometimes + now I may I may never see her again!

June 1
My left mouth/tooth crack hurts a bit. Go away pain. I watched Whale Rider in its entirety. Again. Such a great movie. Now True Romance is on. I look great at night. Young beautiful handsome.

We could be heroes
Let us build heaven on earth
Let’s play in the sun

June 2
Got my prescription for T! Woot! __ml every 7 days to start. Low dosage because I wanted it but mainly because of the anemic thing + the heart murmur. My liver + kidneys + BP are all A-OK. I need more iron. My red blood cells are smaller? + less than they should be. T_will give me my first shot and show me how to do it. I can’t wait till Aug 7 at all. Tomorrow is good. 17 days after I turned 31. 6-3-09 9-11-20!
..I think low dosage is good. My body will change at a good steady pace. Right now I feel calm. Happy inside. Ready. All will be fine. Gave W_her birthday card which she loved. Yay! I was going to buy the men’s natural deodorant tomorrow but I don’t want to waste what I have. I wonder how stinky I’ll be.

This is a slow dance
Let this lead to love making
Kissing: tongues playing

June 3
Had my first T-shot like 3 hours ago. I felt my throat feel a bit scratchy an hour ago. I’m sleepy. Long day. T_came over, spoke with me for like an hour + then showed me how to the shot. Butt cheek upper right corner. Easy. Next week I’ll do it on the thigh. Fun times. I was super happy afterwards in my head.
..Obama made this national LGBT month. This is great. Sexual orientation + gender identity part of the lexicon. I am psyched. Yay America.
..everything will be better. A better beautiful America. Life’s funny. HP 5 was on + I just watched the last 1/2 hour. Made me want to read the 7th book. towards the end. last 150 pages? or so. Any old way, Congrats to me!

The tide is changing
Transformation is at hand
Surfing on a dream

see blog 72 Days Ago for more on June 2nd and June 3rd

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