Hijacked By A Winter Rain Storm

The weather sucks. It’s rare, but I still don’t like it. I am confused by this weather. I understand clear blue sky. Blue sky with a few clouds. Colors in the sky at day and night break. I understand warm weather, hot weather, the ac up too much for much too long. The heat, which invites one to sleep without clothes on top of blankets. Unfortunately, I’ve lived in desert heat. Air too dry to breathe comfortably. Always looking for shade. Waiting for the sun to move. For it to cool down. I understand desert weather, whether or not I agree. I have a basic understanding of cold weather but cold weather doesn’t agree with me. It shuts me down. And reduces my thoughts to the simple: it’s so cold fuck it’s cold I’m cold.
How do people live like this? Fuck it’s cold and so on. I am sequestered inside this house. Rain beating against the windows. Wind doing it’s power thing. Give me 75-80 degrees. With a nice breeze. Please.
San Diego, CA

One thought on “Hijacked By A Winter Rain Storm


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