5-28 to 6-19 journal excerpts 3

June 4

My energy has been up + down all day. Tired-then okay. Sleepy then okay. Though mainly I just wanted to sleep. Mailed mom t-fact sheet and told them I started. Ate food. Blah. Blah. Got a needle receptacle thingie. Oh. I went to Walmart + got a sterile water proof container for my T/needles/+swabs. Yay for me.

…I cleaned the kitchen but not the floors. Got rid of some clothes. Really want to look at my T-container. So psyched. I think I may change faster than I think I will. Who knows?

…still reading Deathly Hallows.

…I look like a boy to me. I see no girl. I feel tougher harder. Will I still be sweet? Fun loving side? Play Play Play


Conquering mountains

laying down roads for others

kissing on tree tops

June 5

I feel kinda sick but not. Throat stuff but not a sore throat…I got a raise! My review will be in a couple weeks. I can transfer if need be. My voice is going to change fast I think. My body is fatigued. It could be the froyo (frozen yogurt) I had yesterday + the day before. Watched the last 45 minutes of Dr T + The Women (again). When Dede tells Liv’s character “You’re my girl” It’s so meant. Differently but equally good “You’re my girl” Forrest to Jenny (Forrest Gump) “I’ll always be your girl, Forrest”


Let sleeping dogs sleep

Let all meat eaters eat meat

Let all lovers love


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