5-28 to 6-19 journal excerpts 6

June 14
Work was fun. I had a fun day. Went to Barnes + Nobles.
..My arms feel more muscle-y ? I’m psyched about my transition.

Riding out the win
Training to go beyond time
Not pushing too hard

June 15
Acne on the lower left side of my face. A patch. T? Doritos? oily face? dirty pillows? chocolate? Who knows? I don’t like it. Work was good but emotional. W tole me E moved home + she’s joining her. She’s weepy! My heart goes out to her…
I got shaky when she told me.
If _____ hadn’t given me the heads up (May 31st) I would’ve completely lost it. Embarrassing myself completely.

Dare you to love me Everything brings us to now My whole life revealed

June 16
I love my name. Will try to see how I can get it legally changed. I’m so psyched. Just changed my myspace. Work. Nothing was done. WTF!
..Tomorrow is shot day + haircut day. “I didn’t know I would feel this way” has been going thru my head.
..As far as my body. Need to drink more water. It feels stronger. My arms seem a bit bigger, the muscle harder. My hips are like they were in my late teens. There’s still fat in the butt area + above the butt.
..I wonder will I still be in touch with my womb. Will I be able to tune with Mother Nature
..my butt area/vagina area are dry.
..where does sex fit in with my life?


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