5-28 to 6-19 journal excerpts 7

June 17
31 + 1 month! I did my shot myself for the first time. I chose my right upper butt cheek. After two attempts I plunged the needle in then went back to pull out the syringe to check if there was blood + pulled the needle out + then had to restick myself + then I just plunged in the T. It didn’t hurt. It bled a little more than last week.
..Can’t wait till it’s old hat. Love that I get to do it every week.
..Then shot this morning took 20 minutes. Set up to clean up took 20 minutes. I was in a shitty mood for a bit after. Maybe because I hadn’t eaten.
…I watched Feast of Love which I really liked.
..I cried at the end. I have a brave heart + am ready to love. I love (already) just you know want a close intimate friend/lover type person.
..I hear MJ has a sold out World Tour. I’m happy. My heart is appreciative of him. He’s an original. Brilliant. Timeless.

June 18

I can see my growth. It has been rapid. I feel grateful + thankful for all who came before me + all who are here now + all who come after me.
..Let heaven + Nature sing Heaven + Nature sing heaven + nature sing

June 19
I love my name. Work was okay. I was like a turtle. I felt weird. I was super silly.
..My head feels bigger + denty/bumpy. It looks the same though. My arms + shoulders are harder muscle-y. I feel this whole process is pretty organic. I’m psyched.

Clits are growing hard
Wanting you inside + out
Flicker Flicker Pow

so..that’s it. a few days before I started on Testosterone and a few days after..


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