First Final Exam

Today I took my first final exam in college. Though I attended college in the 95/96 school year I never took a final. The last final I ever took was the end of the first semester of Senior Year (95). I think I’ve had a lot of classes where if you do well during the course you can skip the final or one test is thrown out or you can write a paper or do a project instead of take a final exam.

The final I took today was in my Intro to Deaf Culture class. It was an accelerated class. 8 weeks. The school I attend is on a semester system. Semesters being 16 weeks. I am not sure how I did on it. I’m pretty sure I got an A but not so sure I got a 100 percent because two or three of my answers are technically correct but may not have had enough detail. I got the highest score on the first midterm (A) and scored 100 percent on the 2nd Midterm. I want A’s in all my classes this semester especially, so I can apply for scholarships. I want my entire education to be paid for and my living expenses while in school to be taken care of. I believe that everyone who is able and has the desire to get an education should be able to.

My other class is pre-algebra. It’s an online math class and the instructor expects 10-15 hours per week. An absolute minimum of 7 hours is required otherwise you’re kicked out of the course. I’ve already had my warning early on in the semester. School started at the end of January. The next week I started at a new store. Same job. Different location. And then the next week or the week after that I moved from a suburban house roommate situation to a studio downtown living alone situation. A lot of changes. Somewhere during all that change I couldn’t dedicate the time or mental space to do the math online and so I got my warning that if I didn’t do an average of 7, I would be dropped. The math is not hard. The setting aside time to do it is.

My other class is a Psychology of Women class which is brilliant. It’s once a week and I am taking it as an honors course. My teacher is awesome, as are my classmates. We meet once a week for 3 hours. It’s open discussion style and we have presentations about topics we’re discussing. No lectures by the Professor. We have papers and midterms and reading but the actual time in class itself is more about what’s going in society and our views interjected with life experience. I love it.

Since my Intro to Deaf Culture class ended today, I signed up for another 8 week course that starts on Monday, taught by the same Professor. Implications of Deafness. The Deaf Culture class is more of a humanistic perspective of deafness and Implications of Deafness is more of a pathological/medical view of Deafness. Right now I am on track to get my AA in American Sign Language Interpreting with a goal of transferring to a 4 year college. It used to be with the Interpreting degree you could go out and start being an interpreter. Last year was the last year you could do it without having a BA so…lucky me 0_o ha ha. Just kidding. I find that I like school in the sense that I finish things, I’m meeting lots of new people, and the learning process is accelerated. I’ve studied various topics on my own over the last 14 or so years and it’s very different. I learn at my own pace. Put things down. Come back to them. And so on. Also it was lonely because I was the only one I knew, into what I was learning about. I didn’t realize how lonely it was until I started school again.

My studio is okay. The best part is that it’s just me and my energy in my space. I live in an old hotel that has been converted to single apartments. There are vending machines! on the first floor with very good selections and prices. I have my own bathroom and it’s a good amount of space but no kitchen. I didn’t cook at my last place but I really would love to start doing it. And I want to have the option so I will be moving again sometime soon. Soon being this year and sooner rather than later.

My job situation is just okay. When I’m not there, I never want to go back. I don’t hate it. I love being of service and when I’m actually at work I don’t have a problem. I joke around. My energy is up. It’s a bit bizzare. Fine when I’m there but don’t want to go back. It just has nothing to do with what I want to do with my life. It has served it’s purpose. And so, I’ll be on the lookout and receptive for new employment.

Transition. Last week my dose got increased. I was still having my period after almost 9 months on T! which is uncommon. I have ideas about what was going on with that. Every body is different. My dose was based on my health issues, size, weight, etc. I know guys who were on that dose whose menstrual cycles stopped after the first two months or so. Before the dose changed I was noticing a lot of facial hair growth. A lot to me, meaning just having any hair there, when before it was like one or two strands that I would pluck out. So I think I’ll need to shave soon. Since the dosage increased my body has been tired. My throat has been tickly. My voice has definitely dropped some more. I sound froggy to me. I recorded my voice today and listened to a voice recording I made two to three weeks ago and I can hear a difference. But more than tone, what stood out to me was the cadence and rhythm in which I speak. It is very interesting and unique.

Writing. I’ve been having all sorts of thoughts and ideas and will jot things down. Like quick notes. I just need to develop them. I haven’t read any fiction since I started school because I’ve felt too much anxiety about reading for pleasure when I have so much reading and writing to do in regards with my school work.

Glad I finally made time to update.
I’m out for now.
Peace All

One thought on “First Final Exam

  1. so glad to finally get an update! Sounds like things are going great for you all in the right direction! So happy for you!!


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