To My Writer Friends With Love

All my experiences that I’ve ever had, all that I have witnessed, as far as stories I’ve heard, stories I’ve been told or things I’ve seen, all that I can imagine is at my disposal.

All the experiences I’ve ever had, all that I have been witness to, all that I can imagine, can be of use.

All experiences..all I imagine I can create with.

To the metaphysical among you:

All I experience All I witness All I imagine I Create.
I create all I experience

I imagine all experience

I experience all I create

I experience all I imagine

I experience
I imagine
I create

I create with imagination and experience.

I am experienced with the art of creation.

For the non metaphysical among you and/or those who may think this is kookaroo:

I imagine I create all I experience. ha ha.


The other day my friend, Jymi , was talking about how his brain works and how fascinating thought process is. This morning when I woke up the first line was one of my first thoughts. Within the first minute or so of waking up, I felt I really needed to get to the beach to regain balance and perspective because my life has been changing so fast and I am having difficulties dealing some of the time. While walking on the beach, the affirmation kept re-imagining itself 😀

To those of you wordsmiths, who build (the) world(s) with words and those of you who weave with words, taking pieces from here, there, and everywhere, and those of you who aspire and dream of being writers:

Tell the truth. Tell lies. Tell tall and small and short and long hairy scary fairy tales. It’s okay to be deeply shallow. A tearful clown. A gentle savage. A willing hopelessly devoted slave to the craft. Write terribly. I dare you to. I double dog dare you. Know that you will(.) Upset folk. Please yourself darlings. No one ever ever ever has to read it besides you. Tell (on) me and I’ll tell (on) you. Do Tell. Please do tell. Tell me what it’s like for you. What is it like from (you)r point of view?
I’m curious, like that curious know the one..that can be satisfied but not with just the one life.

Know that I love you and I’m always cheering you on.
Write on..
Write on..

Right on!

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