Let The Good Times Roll

It was the good dream the good life

that she was after.  Things changed so fast

she could hardly keep up.  It made her focus. Call on her

strength of adaptation.  Call forth her many gifts

and apply those appropriately to any present situation.

She explained herself less.  Let ’em guess. Let ’em guess.

She was secure in herself and her place on this planet and became the man she dreamed of being.  He

is happy with his family and loving creative supportive

home and work environment.  He creates

a home a found(n)ation

from which everything Springs.

Home is where the heart is.  He is home within his heart.

He makes art.  He is inspired.

He inspires.

He loves pink

+ dancing + singing

whether it be on or off beat on or off key

harmony is always being in harmony with

self and environment.

He loves the little girl he was and is proud that she

grew into him.  The little girl made herself a little brother and they played all day together.

The young creator birthed herself a son and they are true friends.

We were all born light.

When I was born, I was born

in joy.  I couldn’t remember my name

but there was love and laughter and all my friends were there.

Now we are here and I don’t feel alone.

Good work is being done.  Everywhere.  All the time.

There is dancing at this revolution.  Let’s celebrate our evolution.

These are the good times.

There are signs everywhere.  You are welcome.

You are welcome here.

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