Vai Verde

Go Green. Green is good.

I thought this thought 6 years ago, give or take two or three days. And now I see it on Albertson’s bags 🙂 The earth at its healthiest is lush with greenery. Green denotes health and well being. Green is the energy of the heart (chakra) and the energy of the earth. Green is a primary color and is the color primarily used for healing. The letters in the words earth and heart are the same just in a different arrangement. Which could honestly be said for all of us. Of the same source differently arranged. Viva la difference! Long live us! Long live Earth! As I live each day it is my intention to live wholeheartedly. I believe when like hearted people get together, there is nothing that can’t be accomplished. This is a time of heart centeredness and connecting through heart. For me, there came a point in time, in my life, in my understanding, a revelation: The mind was limited. There were places I couldn’t go and things I couldn’t know and ways I couldn’t grow, without coming home to my heart. And it has been hard at times. And painful. It is easier and more natural now. To feel. To be in touch. In tune with one’s body, one’s feelings, is essential at this time. All who love Tierra Madre and her many inhabitants: Keep on keeping on. *

*As defined by Urban Dictionary: Continue to do what you’ve always done.


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