I Accept Your Love

You are beautiful and good to me. I accept your love.

This morning when I was doing my am yoga session this came to me. A healing. A blessing. It is what I wished I could hear from everyone I’ve loved in the past who has rejected my love. I’ve read a few articles in the last two days on a kriya yoga website. One set of articles was about learning to accept love from others. The other set was about saying I love you. The main suffering I have experienced in my life is not feeling able to express my love and/or not feeling that when I did express my love that it was okay. Meaning, I felt when I did express my love it was rejected. It wasn’t received. Which led me to feel personally rejected. Personally rejected because myself and my love are irrevocably intertwined.

What hit home for me was when the articles were talking about children showing their love. By wanting to be with you, and follow you around and wanting to be like you and do things like you and finding some small things somewhere and giving it to you, drawing you a picture, singing you a song, snuggling up, smiling at you. This is them showing their love. People share their love in many different ways. The reciprocity of love, the flowing of love is a beautiful thing. What struck my heart when reading the articles was when it talks about the rejection of love.

“rejected love is one of the very worst spiritual situations that EVER can or could happen to anyone in God’s entire creation. Hence learn to recognize ALL different ways others use to tell you “i love you” or to show it or make you feel their love.”



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