I Hold You In My Arms

I hold you in my arms and walk around the house. I walk around the kitchen talking with you. I stand in front of the mirror with you in my arms and we look at our reflections. I point to myself, “Me” I point to you. The baby. I say, “You”. You look at me and I repeat. I know you know me because you look at me. There is recognition and trust. I want you to know yourself and what you look like, not just what you look like through others reflections. That is a good way to learn about your relationship with your environment. Interacting with those other than yourself. But I want to introduce you to you. This is what you look like. You are in this beautiful little baby body. You are your own. You are you. And I am me. And I am holding you in my arms. In front of a mirror. In recognition and trust. With love. Al(l)ways.


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