Every Time She Entered Me

Every time she entered me her breath would catch and release
quick short breath in at the parting
a rush of air exhaled when she was inside
and sometimes her eyes would flutter
It was always this way

she loved being inside me and I loved the way she entered me

she’d say please please please
it was a beautiful thing.
and I’d let her have her way.
I’d open wider, squeeze her tight, let her drive me
it was a beautiful thing
My scream would fill the atmosphere
the everywhere
yes you feel good you feel so good you feel so good fuck
and I’d be satisfied
all the time
every time she entered me
my body would welcome her
tremble pulse drench clamp down sweat
never want to stop the in and out
the shout
completely trusting and open
then I’d max and push her out

I never intended to let her in all the way
but she could always have my body


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