Sticky Sweet

If I screamed right now it would be sticky
sweet and barren.
I’m holding up
but need to be held by you.

The only way in
is through.

I’ve only fooled myself
into believing I was an outsider
an other I am
everything. I am

Grandiosity comes from insecurity and the illusion of inferiority
is an illness.
I picked my poison and my cure..and yes
I am sure
that I am greater than
but not better than
One of us
has to live
her truth.

Humbleness does not serve me now.
Being born took pushing and desire.
Strength. And if I had stopped
I’d have died
stuck in between. Life
willed me on. I remember
pain and I remember joy.
The Labor becomes life. Another
opportunity to be..

3 thoughts on “Sticky Sweet

  1. I would just love to hear you read this! Its one of my new faves! I Love you Evan!! Hope your doing great!


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