Spiraling Continuously

I wanna make love in the center of a wildly flowered field in the middle of somewhere.
Over here the rabbits don’t care and we look to them for guidance.
Inside there a stag runs free he asks
the mare to “marry me”. The lusty goat
sows her oats, the Beastly Beauty dance.
Lady Bug finds his mate. The Owls
forgo their plans.
Mama Bear kicks out her cubs, little beavers know they’re damned.
The Eagle flies above it all yet dreams of desert sand.

Dolphins mate and play all day and sing the ancient tales:
“Our harmony makes for unity. We are wrapped in all our history…” It’s no mystery when you’re kissing me
inside of me I know you.
You are known.

We shed
our skin
again again again
and turn stone over troubled waters. We bridge a chain.
‘Round and around we twirly whirly whirly twirl
Heaven curls icy lilac rivulets of hazy spitted fire: O God
O God O God O God O God O God O God O God:
We are coming! We are coming..we are here. Everywhere
earth absorbs air carries
Our Love

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