Needie Wantie

I need to sleep

I need to do my Sociology homework

I need to go to Whole Foods for Organic Sesame Seed Oil

I need to get new headphones ’cause I left my old ones in the computer lab at school last night and the library won’t be open til Tuesday.

I need to be naked and cuddly with someone who likes me

I need to wash my clothes

I need a haircut and a shave

I want a scoop of Rocky Road ice cream

I want to watch a few episodes of Avatar

I want to read Written On The Body and Atlas Shrugged

I want to hold her hand and walk around Balboa Park

I want to hold her around her waist and give her a sweet kiss but..
I don’t want to fall in love
I like her too much

I want to stop missing people because it’s confusing. I hardly ever missed anyone before. How can I miss people I’ve just met this year who I see regularly more often than people I’ve known for years? A day, two days, a week, and I feel..I just want to be in their presence. Confusing O-o

I want today back.

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