School started back up Aug 23rd. So far my favorite day of the week is Thursday. I have ASL II and my Child Observation Lab. My lab is sorta flexible. Today I got to lab at the end of lunch. I helped make up the beds. Nap time is after lunch. 3 of the kids thought I was pretty silly and funny. I told them they were right. After I made their bed I told them to hop in and they were sitting up so I sorta tossed their blankets at them and let them float over their head. Human tents. They weren’t expecting it. I think they’re used to being tucked in nicely. It was funny. I patted a few backs to help get them to sleep. One little boy I asked “You want me to rub your back?” Little Boy: “No”. *smile* I read a few stories to the two boys who never take a nap. Everyone has to lay down though. ‘Time to rest our bodies’ Some go to sleep right off. It’s a great time.

ASL was super fun today. We split up in pairs and I got paired up with a girl who I’d seen around on the bus. She looks like my first love and sometimes I look at her because I can’t help it. She’s so beautiful. And when I looked at her before today, I’d feel upset and a little stressed. When we got paired together we sorta hit it off. We had to describe people to each other from pictures on a paper and the other had to pick the right one. Another activity was describing items in a picture while the other had to draw what was described. During the activity we conversed/signed. She and I have the same major (CD but I’m a double major ASL and CD) and we’re both planning on transferring to the same 4 year college. She’s very sweet and generous. And beautiful. I told her I had seen her on the bus with her friends but I had just started learning ASL and was too scared to sign with her. She asked how long I had been learning ASL and I told her and she said that I was a fast learner. I also told her how much I love it. Before today I was a bit intimidated to sign with her because she and two of her friends always sit together and I don’t’s intimidating to sign with Deaf people when you’re just learning.’s worked out. And I feel healed in a way. My 1st seems like I’ll always be in love with her in some way but having the time with the girl today eased something within. I’ve also become good friends with someone who has my ex’s name. I’ve know her since last semester but I almost didn’t want to talk with her or hang out too much with her because of her name.

These two women being in my life right now are true blessings. I can’ t think of anything better than sharing life with curious children and funny, loving, beautiful women!! A bit of Heaven 😀

I’ve watched 7 or 8 episodes of Avatar in the last couple of days. I started Book 3 today. Somewhere in Book 2..maybe Chapter 10 ‘The Library’ the show got super duper good. Dark..scary, sad. My emotions got involved. Super solid storytelling so far. I love it!


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