Kissin’ Cousins

Light the air with three sparklers quick
try not to panic
as we lose direction
this time today hummmmm
in me
touch my body
touch my body
like wind biting through every vein
touch me
touch me
this is your terrain
translucent flag
I pledge nothing
O beautiful spacious vanilla sky!

Strip away these lashes
a needle in each eye
we all fall down
we all fall down
the ever shrieking whip
bruised clits and bleeding tits
brownish bluish black
sha clack clack clack
ocean graves a roarin’
the cornerstone unchosen
that was my father’s house you burned down
my mother’s neck was broken
my sister mind retreated
“I own you”
I owe you
You own me?
You owe me
for this buddy
when you gon’ pay me back, huh?
when I’m gon’ get mine?
when I get my mind
back on track
I’m gon’ get you man,
just like the boogey man, Boo!
ha ha ha

my brother finds me laughing
and cussin and kissin’ my cousin
Isn’t it wonderful?
Light like love we make
an artifice.


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