Define Yourself

from Genderfork

You can call me…Evan, love, hugbug

I identify as…a polyamorous pansexual g3 (gendergiftedguy). American of African descent. A member of the human species. An immortal soul of love and light.

As far as third-person pronouns go, …I prefer he
though recently I used hir when I was writing something describing a situation in my past. Never thought I’d use the ‘other’ pronouns but it was the best choice to encompass the complexity of my current perspective of my life and my past experiences.

I’m attracted to…beauty, intelligence, humor, ambiguity, accepting people, loving folk, those who express their love, creative types, all the arts, pregnant women, most anything new.

When people talk about me, I want them to…
be honest, wonder, give up trying to figure me out, stop talking about me and do something nice for themselves or someone else. I’m sure someone needs a hug somewhere.

I want people to understand…that change is constant. Stasis is an illusion. Life is for living. You matter. We impact each others in ways we may not realize. There’s no such things as a small act of kindness.

A brief bio about you:
I watch the world spin, I surf the winds, I walk the earth. I ride on buses, trolleys, in cars. I fall in and out of passionate infatuation ALL THE TIME…I love.

I am a forever student. Insatiable knowledge seeker. Ambitious. Dedicated. My interests are many. I am every age I ever was. I like finishing things. I love new beginnings.

I am unapologetically, unashamedly, obsessively in love with Rent: The Musical, especially The Filmed Live on Broadway DVD! *big smile*

I surprise myself.

2 thoughts on “Define Yourself

  1. love the pic! its nice to have a pic to go with the story 😉 and all though I already knew most of this stuff I did learn a few things


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