liquid fiyah

I reckon
the ease in which we live is an illusion along the same line as the troubling loads we carry.
Why make(s) things harder (?)
The Game is fun.
A refined and more skilled version:
simple pleasures simple thoughts the great challenge.
An easy joy splattered romantic life.
I could no more lose my mind than my heart. Life depends on them.

The fusion. The weaving. The spark of creation. I am not the burning inferno. No
I am steady flame. Eternal light.
enchanting, attractive, warm.
Still fire/can burn.

Out of controlled control. Temper(ed) contained. Maintain this glow.
Tend to me.
Forsaking destruction, design my transcendence, I share this light
o mine! Bright Angel, pierce my eyes
every pore receives your love. My blood hums
your song. She sings
all the notes you’ve shared with me. She flows.
The peak before the valley
again again. She flows.



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