The Ruined Man

The ruined man
spoiled unsuitable difficult married and engaged

If you dislike libraries, librarians, books: ancient, old, newish…then you should probably keep away from me.
Yes. That would be the greatest idea. Spare us the heartache.
If your need is to be first and you don’t count yourself, then pass me
with a polite smile. I will witness your walk.
If your laugh is vast and inclusive, beautiful as you are and
your mind matches
If your gentle kind strength flows in all directions
If you are stubborn stuck sometimes cruel but trying
If you throw tantrums away when music plays every single day I’ll play
a melody and harmony and tone
to us. To us..
‘Til dust. ‘Til dust.


2 thoughts on “The Ruined Man

  1. 🙂
    I just shared this with C. I was trying to write tonight and was writing all over the place and thought of this one. So I posted it on my wall in a private post that only she and I can see.


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