The Context of Us

I recognize you
as a child of fate I was born on the same note on a different octave and before.
I am both your elder and your child. I like the love we share. It is old, wise, young, spontaneous, careful, caring, respectful, dorky. We cover the gamut.
It could be intense but we are not playing with intensity now. How lovely. I do not fear
in your presence I feel mature and proud. Accepted and seen. This is some of why I am attracted to you. know before, when I couldn’t see beyond my past
hurt, you were easy to ignore and emotionally avoid..
In a different context, you became real. “Oh” I thought and then “uh oh”
I got scared and I am used to the idea
that the universe served you up as a gift.
You are precious to me. And beautiful. I look for it now
and look forward to knowing you.

I see there is more to you than meets the eye. I like that. Everyone likes you. I like that too.
You are all sorts of goofy and I love your body.
I see you in my arms, my hand on your leg, my arm around your waist, my head on your shoulder, your legs on mine.
I am seeking to physically connect in all ways that are appropriate for us.

3 thoughts on “The Context of Us

  1. I’m over not having a lover. Requited love and friendship is cool. I’m blessed. I just have other needs *clears throat*


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