Soul Mating

I have stopped to look at you.
I have called your name.
You are mine.

You turn to look
and the joy between us becomes still
and serious when we kiss.

After exploring every single inch of you..
our joy may change form
Mysterious symphonies
multi-colored melodies
I imagine
your scent and the taste of you.
I need to know if I got it right 🙂
To move inside you and wake up beside you.
Our breath to find union.
Eyes locked. Hearts joining. Souls dancing

3 thoughts on “Soul Mating

  1. thanks. your words encourage me to keep writing and posting and not censor myself so much. find this 😉

  2. Love it! Love that your writing makes me smile 🙂 and this is super hot 😉 You have so much talent Evan.


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