Be Merry

I want you
to be happy
and if you’re happiness is not with me..then happy elsewhere.
I may mourn your loss from my life but I will be joyous
in knowing you are happy
or at least in pursuit of it.

2 thoughts on “Be Merry

  1. sometimes its hard to be so grown up but I have been in the same place your in and all that is I wished for the other person is their happiness 🙂 you are a great person!!

    • I’ve had loads of practice in this area. Have you ever read The Well of Loneliness? I read it in my early twenties and wept like a baby towards the end. Giving up people because you really love them is awesomeness blended with heartbreaking heartache.

      Be Merry is a snapshot of a feeling. Not necessarily something specifically going on right now.


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