the mystery maker

You are the mystery maker
the lie creator
why bother asking you anything?
You’re just going to make it up and I can do that myself.
I can do it myself and long ago maybe when I was 3 I knew this better than I knew I was 3.
It’s funny. I can do this myself but it’s funner with you.
Will you play along?
Sing this song of distant raging in close up moments I can’t help but recall I never knew you when you knew me.
I never cared. If you were there. Fine. If you weren’t..well you were never there. How could I miss you
if you never existed? How could I resist you once I saw you with my own eyes? You shouldn’t have smiled at me.
That was a mistake. You shouldn’t have said my name that way or laughed at my jokes.
It made me think you liked me.
I was lovable. Now we both know that isn’t true but it was nice
to be a fool who dreams
for a little while.


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