Two Tiered Hearts

I have been all together Good
I know this
Even when I am not
I know this
Tell me why you find me refreshing.
I only sometimes wish to comfort you
though I never mean you harm
Maybe that is why you sit with me
Show Joy when you see me.
Miss me when I am not here.
You say you have never met anyone like me.
I say neither have I.
That was one time a misery
but now I worship my reflection. It is enough
that I am myself. Only and one.
Rare am I(?) lonely(?) anymore.
Who are you?
What’s it like for you?
Life, I mean, Love, I mean..
How many times did you cum last week?
When is the last time you opened for someone?
Your two tiered hearts.
Plenty for me.
I can’t remember. It’s been too long.


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