Measured: Happiness

If fewer days are near
have I reason to labor?
would I waste away before you
singing show tunes
dancing visions in my head?

I recall terrifying pirouettes
reckless diving
my fairy wings translucent
skin tone(d)
colored smoky rich ivory
golden honey hair
eyes sea green

Remember loving
me as much as I love you?
the freedom and joy of it
all. I am always
the world
it’s weight and worth
the value of living things
opportune times
galactic peace
expansive creation
never short on kindness
Bountiful Source

2 thoughts on “Measured: Happiness

  1. This is how my brain works for the most part. Now imagine the effort it takes to write/communicate in a regular way. It’s worth the effort but I really feel like I am always translating. But I think that’s what all writers do. Love you much. Thanks for reading love.

  2. you make my brain work when you write like this….makes me think. Love it thank you for being you because well you ROCK love you.


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