Elevated: Poet I Am

Thursday night was awesome. I read at Elevated, an open mic poetry event in San Diego. My Professor for Speech told us about it on Monday. Last year some customers told me about it and gave me the info and in March I was volunteering at The Center and another volunteer. A_, told me she goes. So..I thought I’d finally check it out.
I had been on and off all day. Was it the weather? Detox? Last Saturday I started exercising again. More purposefully. And I started eating differently. I’ve shot no T in my system for 13 days (there’s a reason). Was it school overload? I’m schooled out. Spring Break, where are you? I didn’t know what was wrong but I was sick during my tutoring session and my tutor sent me home. I emailed my Prof. and texted 3 friends saying that I wasn’t feeling well and I was going to miss class. I got on the bus and then the trolley. (40 minute commute). When I was 10 minutes away from home I started feeling a lot better. When I got home I took no chances and got into bed, instead of running around doing errands or homework. I set my alarm for 7p. The bus was leaving at 835p. The show was set to start at 9p. I woke up when the alarm went off and went over my dream. The dream helped me have an understanding/a breakthrough about a past issue 🙂 After that I practiced Riverboat Boogie and When The Saints Go Marching In (Blocked, Broken, and Alberti Bass) on my handrolled piano. A second alarm went off at 8:08. I hit snooze so I could practice a little more. 813. Just 5 more minutes. 817. Ok, wrap it up. I felt hungry and ate two or three pieces of sushi (crabmeat california brown rice roll) from a lunch I didn’t eat. Got dressed and ran to the bus stop. I listened to the Gospel of Shug and went over 3 poems that I was thinking of reading. On the bus there was a young lesbian? couple across form me and I kept glancing up at them. Smiling inside 🙂 Thinking about how much I love us (queer folk) and trying not to be to be too creepy. I got off on the wrong stop and walked two and a half blocks back. I saw a crown and stopped at the end of the line where I saw a new friend (A_the volunteer previously mentioned). The end of the line turned out to be the front of the line which was really kinda long. She knows the guy who runs Elevated and gets old friend privileges. She allowed me to be her guest (Thank you) and we were first to be let in. A cute guy was taking names when we got in and she signed up and I signed up. That cute guy I later found out was Rudy Francisco. There were a lot of people. The biggest crowd I’ve read to indoors by far. I saw a friend from school. She always makes me feel beautiful when I look at her. She personifies beauty and I am bathed in her reflection.
It starts up. Question: How ya’ll feeling? Answer: Elevated (again and again throughout the night). My new friend A_ does her piece and and I’m up next. We were hoping they’d mix it of and not go off the sign up order. Damn. I walk up to the stage and ask the MC about house rules. We can only read one. I step up to the mic. I say: I haven’t read in two years. I’m in Prof. Lewis’ class at Mesa. It’s a speech class. She told us about this. So here I am. There’s a lot more people here than I thought (as I look around the room). The audience is welcoming. They clap. I read The Wicked Wounded One and I am a little nervous but for the most part it goes well. I think. I like being up there. The dark mixed with a little light. The audience I can barely see. I like the way my voice sounds in the mic. Since it’s been two years since I’ve done a performance/read that means this was the first time I’ve read since I’ve been on T (22 months) and the first time I’ve read as Evan. It was wild 🙂 My friend from school signed to me from across the way that I did good 🙂
After that, I was able to relax and listen to the amazing poets that went after. I laughed (a lot) , cheered, clapped and said ‘damn’ a few times because there were lines that made my heart stop and lines that took my breath away and lines that made my synapses do somersaults and high dives. I appreciated all the talent in the room. Rudy Francisco did a piece. Rudy is a San Diego based poet who is currently the World Poetry Slam Champion. The featured poet was In-Q. He was soooo good. He reminded me of my friend D’loco Kid. In-Q is a 78 baby too! (what what!) I am 9 days older than him. He has a show “Don’t Believe Me” May 19th and 20th in Los Angeles at Greenway Court Theater. $10. Door open at 8. Show starts at 830. For any of my L.A. people. Go. Go. Go.
I had a good time. I’m glad I went. I’ll be going again. 11 more days…


2 thoughts on “Elevated: Poet I Am

  1. I am. This is going to be a busy homework week. The busiest of the semester so far. I need to get off this computer and do some homework!

  2. I am so glad that you felt better and you were able to go! I was thinking about it being your 1st time as Evan on the stage funny you wrote about it. Hope your doing well!!


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