Important things I learned and/or realized this week:

It is easier to learn when the teacher is supportive. It is near impossible for me to learn when the teacher is rude. My hurt feelings are too much of a distraction.

Life is better with good people in it. Good people meaning those who are supportive through actions and words whether written or spoken. It’s nice to be supported and it’s nice to be appreciated.

Preparation is a good thing. As much work as it takes to get something as good as you can get it, whether it be practicing music, preparing a speech or a story for ASL, it’s good to be prepared. It shows respect for the audience or the people viewing the presentation, speech, story, etc.

I am capable of working hard and getting things done.

Work and getting things done makes me happy.

Dancing always makes me happy. These days, it’s the quickest way to make me feel good/happy.

Mentors are important.

Friends make life easier.


I seem to need a lot of help right now narrowing things down. I am less frustrated that I can’t do everything that pops in my head but I still don’t know how to live with that truth.

I have found my voice and trust it. Now I want to learn the art and craft of storytelling.

Even though it’s me up there speaking/reading/performing it isn’t about me at all. It’s about the audience. I was becoming confused, a little arrogant and less humble. And it wasn’t based on fear. It was true piss poor attitude. It’s like I forgot all that I’ve been learning the past few years. I do feel I need that ego and fire to get some things started but it doesn’t mean it’s about me. My light shines to shine on others. Help me remember this when I forget and feel lost.



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