A Creation Myth

What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? / The world would split open.
– Muriel Rukeyser

What would happen if someone listened? -Me

Everyone’s a woman or has a right to be
it is an honor to be
a woman bore a mutation to experience herself as himself; a slightly different form
I love my son. Who knew we would get along so well? Who knew?
Who knew we wouldn’t?
Who knew we would be lovers and some other(s) would think it wrong? Who knew we’d be the best of friends
and brothers too? Who knew he’d hate me, kill me, beat me, rape me, himself, you? Who knew?
Who knew he’d love me into confusion?
Who knew I’d love him back?
Who knew he would be the most beautiful thing I imagined?
I made him. I made him.
He comes from me.
I share(d) my body with him and if I let you
cut him from my body and cut his little body
and schedule his release
and if I refuse to give him my titties to suck
that is my business. I’m the mama.
And if he remembers that pain and first betrayal and rejection and feeling betrayed and rejected
doesn’t understand his root pain begins with me
and is angry and wants to fight to feel connected and wants to fight me and
you and start a Fight Club and a war, well..me too.
Only he can make himself like I can only make me.
Whether or not we are ever together forever again
we have this at least in common.


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