You May Go Mad

You may go mad.

I may.
I may go mad but at least not politely, or kicking and screaming.
No not serenely either.
I step forward clearly committed with purpose. Hopeful, with faith.
Who cares if I’m afraid? So what? I’m tired
of this not doing this and bored and too curious and it’s time.

About damn time

Dangerous and irresistable. I can’t help myself. I step forward in faith and call for
Grace and Strength.

You may go mad.

I may. I may go mad. I may be crazy
but crazy, my crazy, I’m used to.

You may lose your mind.

My beautiful mind. My beautiful mind I may lose.
I may lose everything I know… but
Being pregnant all my life
would do that to me anyways.
And I’ll be pregnant all my life
anyways, I don’t really have a choice now
do I?
I have been playing nice and no this isn’t fair.
If you’ve read this far you will change. There.
Because I’ve changed. Here.
You’ve been post-warned.
Most readers welcome this. You’re welcome,
Dear Reader,
I can’t promise you’ll be safe with me anymore. I’m a little bit sorry but only a little.
This is an agreement. Stop now
if you’re afraid. I hope you’re laughing 😀 because….
it’s good for you and deadly serious business to lighten up.
Handle your candle.
I will do my best to tell my truth truthfully in many forms.
My only promise to keep.
To share experience(s) with you. Simply, to share
myself (as) I

2 thoughts on “You May Go Mad

  1. wow i really like htis one. I always say that I know but this one I re read to make sure I got it. It gave me chills. Thank you for sharing! hugs


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