The World Changed Six Times

I feel the earth move under my feet
I feel the sky tumbling down, tumbling down

I felt the world change
(click click click)
a huge shift
(tap tap)
then I realized it was me
(shake shimmy roll)
who changed
(cry sigh laugh out loud ha funny ha)
Perspective makes all
the difference.

I’ve learned pain is perspective.
Pain is perspective.
I’ve learned objectivity well.
(I wish you well and I know
it’s your business. It’s not my job to heal you)
I’ve learned love as well.
(from my perspective)
Being well loved
I know this feeling
makes it easier to love
everyone and everything
to love forever plus forever + infinity
eternity everyone everything

I know this
Sacred Heart

I met you in The Womb
of Creation
when there was no separation.
It wasn’t even possible. Until it was..

To feel unloved and unwanted and experience unrequited love
is the illusion I am least fond of (boo! What a nightmare!)

I’ve found love in me
I’ve found love is me
I found love and I love
softly surrendering
white rose scented whispering
Golden Emerald Ruby Brown
the Spectrum
all I do
all I am
in all time(s)
from now


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