A Tragicomic Life

*I laughed so hard I cried.*

*Perhaps when all the work is done, ha ha, will there ever be a day?
my life will make sense.*

*I have traveled everywhere today. My imagination and intellect beating my emotions too a raging pulp. Hormonal.*

*A normal life. With kids, a lover or two or three thousand. A farmhouse, a beach house, trips around the world. Puppies and iguanas. Catching up with my dolphin friends. Living in squalor in the best penthouse suite. Wishing myself invisible and then becoming so. So much asked of me. I practice saying no. Yes. I love you. I love you. You’re my best friend. Not now. I need to be alone. I need to regroup. I want to see you and work in Da Garden and grow our own food and give away what we don’t need. Let everything be of use. Let all be free. I want the world to be healthy and happy or at least know the option(s) by heart. I want to walk around all of earth and be welcome and respected. Any hostility met, melts into The Sweetest Joy. Hate/ignorance/fear evaporating with a golden sun kissed mist. I missed you for two hundred thousand years. It went by in the slowest blink. Dang, if I had known it would be so long I’d have given you a bigger hug the last time I saw you I would’ve looked you in your eyes and kissed you full on the lips. Tickled you somehow to hear your laugh. Asked for all my promises back. For our loss, get down on your knees with me under this tree and…please, I will snap a picture so we can always remember how this moment came to be. But you are responsible for developing it and showing me another time.*

*A horrible joke:
I could be any thing.*


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