But I Am This Person

I am watching a fantastic movie, called Phoebe in Wonderland.

Phoebe, played by Elle Fanning, is a little girl who is very imaginative and passionate and gets the starring role in her school play. She’s playing Alice in Wonderland. She also has problems relating with her peers and her family. She behaves in ways and says things that are socially inappropriate. Her only solace is the theater. She tells her teacher, “Everywhere else, I feel ugly.” The following is what her drama teacher, played by Patricia Clarkson, says to her:

I want to tell you something. Which may not make any sense. But I should say it just so that one day, you might remember it, and maybe it will make you feel better. At a certain point in your life, probably when too much of it has gone by…you will open your eyes and see yourself for who you are…especially for everything that made you so different from all the awful normals. And you will say to yourself..”But I am this person.” And in that statement, that correction, there will be a kind of love.

This really hit home for me and I just wanted to share.

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