Well..hello, 33!!!

Today has been a good day!

The highlights:

I learned a new song in Piano 🙂
I went to visit the kids at our Child Development Center and got mobbed. Lots of hugs. And they sang Happy Birthday to me.
Loads of Birthday well wishes on FB!
I helped a friend with their final art project. They look hot in some of those picks. Three words: Hot Pink Handcuffs. Rawr!
Ate at Sicilian Thing
Ate a yummy gluten free blueberry muffin a friend of mine made.
Road the trolley home with my friend who has the same birthday as me. I’m 13 years older than him but we are a lot a like. We plan stuff. And then we leave loads of room for random whimsical mini adventures.
Lots of Real Life birthday wishes and hugs
A friend sent me Glee Encore! 30 performances from S1. I heart Glee sooooo much.
Got cash for some books so I can pay my cell phone
Was invited to start a cool new project in the fall with the kids at the CDC. Luckily I have the summer to do some planning and gather resources.
Signed a real conversation (multiple topics, interruptions, clarifications) with my ASL teacher who I’m going to miss so much. But we’ll keep in touch.
Figuring out Tumblr! Shiny new play thing.

Lowlights but still light:
My parents and my brother didn’t call to wish me a Happy Birthday! They’ll be apologies maybe..and I already forgive them. They’re just not a part of my life right now. I feel sad a little but it must be for the best.

Living a good life.
The next step. Figuring out my money situation and my next living situation. *sigh*


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