School Update

Summer school started this week. I am taking one class. American Sign Language IV. It’s the fourth language class and the first interpreting class in my school’s American Sign Language interpreting program. There is soooooo much outside homework. Videos to watch, events in the Deaf Community, reading, writing, and group work. There are 17 people in class. Half want to be interpreters. The rest of us just want to learn the language because we love it and it may be of use later on. I think I’ll go for my certification at some point but I don’t want to work as an interpreter as a career. I want to work in the education field. Kids 0-5. Also learn more about Deaf art and literature, storytelling, poetry, drama, performance.

Today our teacher was sick. Most of us were already at school or on our way. 9 people showed up to class. 5 of us had checked Blackboard, our online classroom update site, and found out our teacher was sick and he left instructions with what we needed to do today. So..we were at the library watching the video we were going to watch in class. He was able to find a sub after all so..after about an hour the rest of the class joined us. It took over 3 hours to get through the video. We were learning mouth morphemes, which is a huge part of the structure of the language. We have to turn in our handwritten notes next Thursday. We also have 12 short chapters to read (I’ve read 3). Two more videos to watch (I watched one), and two quizzes next week. The class is only 8 weeks. It will be intense.

Sunday, I start a write-a-thon I sent out emails today looking for sponsors. This is my page.
I’m excited about that. That’ll be 6 weeks. So ASL and writing is what I’ll be doing steadily for the next couple of months. I’m psyched about that.

I started two projects this week. One is a new blog on tumblr, which is poetry-centric with an emphasis on audio versions of my poems/and or favorite poems. Another is a short something or order that I will hopefully finish next week. I wanted to work on it tomorrow afternoon but it depends on how my morning goes.

I feel more tired than I have in I don’t know how long. Seriously. I need to rest. I know that I can’t be at my best if I don’t get proper sleep. So..I will go to bed at a decent time and take it super easy over the next couple of days.


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