A Queer Fairypoem

Kiss me..and
remember I am
already Awake. I am
Night and you are Sun

A royal princess emerging romantic
Dramatic Queen
and I, your loyal subject. A Fool.
The page. The sage. The teller of tales.To the
stage! Musician. Magician. Mathematician. Star
gazer. Know nothing know-it-all.

I am your Dirty King
Your sissy prissy prince.
I am your Knight in bedazzled armor.
Te Amo.

Before the entire Court
I’ll whip it out:
My Golden Silver Sparkly sword.
I’ll gesture “come
here”. You will obey.
We will make
fire and clay to forge and mold whole wide worlds.
Spinning, Designing, Weaving world wide webs.
A dusty tornado storm flooding and cleansing all
that isn’t Our Love
will be like LAVA
flowing into a clear cool bright opalescent pearl blue stream.
Of course, there’ll be Rainbows everywhere!
to celebrate and commemorate the utter
cuteness and completeness of our Multi-Coupling(s).

audio version

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