On Gender

Gender is socially constructed.

I currently identify as non-binary trans.

My identity is how I see myself and how I feel comfortable participating in the world.

I don’t want the world to be genderless. I have no need or desire to eliminate (your) gender.
I don’t want to rid society of gender roles or all the wonderful ways that people express themselves through gender.

What I would like done
away with is the discrimination, the limitations, the oppression, the hatred, the violence, the fear
surrounding gender.
I want those things obliterated.

Bang bang
be gone

Then it wouldn’t matter what gender identity anyone was. It wouldn’t matter how anyone naturally and/or dramatically expressed their gender. The roles would be known to be what they truly are. It wouldn’t matter if I was trans or genderless or genderfluid. It wouldn’t matter if you were any of those, or cisgender or bigender or androgyne.

Gender matters (to me) but it wouldn’t matter.
There would be no limitations

..when you are born here, on this fabulous Earth place, you will be welcome and encouraged
and supported in developing your potential to its fullest.
Your contributions will be gladly appreciated.


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