Libertad-Body Pics

*warning* If you are not of age and/or squeamish about sex and bodies eroticized and naturalized, please don’t click on the 4 links in the body of this post. Thanks.

I have always been body positive. Especially in regards to other people. It’s their body. If I love them, I love it. Simple. I also like to be naked or partially nude often. When I lived on my own, when I was home, I only wore boxers, my glasses, and sometimes my purple slippers my Grandmother bought me a few years back. I’m just comfortable with little on my body.

I’ve been following a couple of blogs on tumblr and they have totally changed the way I view things. Last night I took pictures of my naked body for the first time. I took some body shots and some very close up shots of my genitalia. The close up shots were first and I really love them. They make me feel beautiful. Some of them are super funny. It’s like my private parts were surprised at being in the spot light. There are a few where it looks like it is saying “ooh” or “aahh” and some are a little grumpy in personality. Yes. I’m a queer one.

The point of this post: Since I can’t post them, the next best thing is to post about them . Just wanted to say, it’s something I never thought I’d do but seeing the pics on Tumblr normalizes and demystifies everything and it was/is a very unique, liberating experience of seeing myself that way. Both the subject and the object.


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