Dreams, Hopes, Wishes

I have so many.
Today I opened up to more.
Or more came to me.

I am grateful for my life that I am living.

It is good.

It is different everyday.

I feel grateful to live in an awesome house with an awesome roommate/friend.
I am thankful for all my friends and family.

Right now, I am taking my last American Sign Language Class. I love my classmates and my teacher. He’s been really helpful and funny the last couple of classes.

I am trying not to freak out because of all the changes that are taking place inside me. I feel like I am being refined or refinished. Like a sculpture. Everything that isn’t really me or doesn’t serve my highest happiness and joy is being shed or pruned. It is not a passive thing by any means. I feel it like a soul urge. I feel compelled to revaluate my goals, ideas. To not limit myself to my methodical step by step planning. I can accomplish things that way. The slow and steady way. But there may be paths that are clearer and faster and I don’t want to be in my own way. The anxiety that I am feeling is the result of the perfect realization that I don’t know what life will bring. I don’t know what things will be like in the near future. This time next year, I feel like everything will be completely different. Everything. Luckily and hopefully I have many days to live before “this time next year” and thankfully I can live one day at a time. One moment at a time.



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