New Semester

school started this week. Fall Semester. My schedule is the best I’ve had so far. I’m taking the 2nd class in Piano, Multimedia 101, Math online *self paced year long class* and Psychology 101 as an honors class most likely. Psychology is once a week and we haven’t met yet. I think there’s paperwork I have to fill out to take it as honors and I need to talk to the Professor. I’ve had 3 of my professor’s before so it’ll be less stressful. I know what to expect. And two of my classes I’m taking as Credit/No Credit so I don’t have to think about grades really.

My Multimedia class will be cool. It’s 3 hours 2x’s a week. The lab is built in to the class. There are 30 imacs in the class. No need to buy any software. He’ll lecture for 30 minutes or so and we can leave if we want. He’ll be able to help us one on one as needed. There’s also 13 new imacs and over 80 new PC’s with hd screens at the LRC (Learning Resource Center aka our school library) and a portion of them have all the software we’re using in class on them so..yeh..pretty psyched!!

Inspired by the Multimedia class I decided to make a schedule for myself for the math class. I’ve done a self-paced math online class before and earned an A, but last semester I ended up withdrawing from this math class because I could never make myself do it on a consistent basis. I started it 3 weeks into the semester and I couldn’t get into a proper groove. It would always be hanging over my head..I have to do math. With a schedule, I’ll be able to leave it. Do it during that time and not be consumed by the guilt of not doing it or the pressure of making time for it. I think it’ll work out. Plus I have the flexibility to change the schedule if I need to.

The music class is great. We got a bunch of new pianos for our practice room. The clavinova’s in class seem new to me too but someone said they just wiped them clean. ha ha. Monday night after class I went to the practice room and tried one of the new pianos. Brilliant! It was thrilling. The keys have a little sticky new residue on them.

My body is been sort of wonky. I’ve been spacy in my head. Stress. Change. Being around huge crowds of people because the semester just began. I’ve had a lot of anxiety the last couple weeks. Summer school, then only having a couple weeks off, money stuff, family stuff, inner emotional stuff. I’m going to bed earlier and I haven’t been writing as much. I’m doodling and watching a lot of TV and movies via Netflix streaming and Hulu. I’m a few episodes in to Queer as Folk (UK series). I remember watching this when it came out. I was like 21 and my friend had gotten it I think thru a torrent or bootleg dvd. I started it on a Sunday night and called off the next day at work to finish it off. I loved it. Then we had to wait however long for Series 2 to air. I loved how unapologetic it was. It presented gay men and that part of gay culture in a way that had never been shown before. It was similar enough to the way the guys and I lived that I totally felt validated and exhilarated while watching. It’s still good today. I think this is my 3rd or 4th time going through the series. I love the friendship aspect of, the tight storytelling, and all the characters. I love that Russel T Davies made it. I’m also watching Dr. Who. I’ve watched the last episode of S1 of the 2005 revamped series like 4x’s. I am just meeting David Tennant’s Dr. Who. I think I’m two episodes in to S2. I really like the show and I think I’ll like him. Torchwood (current season) I decided to stop watching until the season ends, so I can marathon it. After episode 5, I had nightmares and was really upset and am still upset. It will be better to watch the remaining 5 in just one go.

I’ve watched one episode of Switched at Birth. It was earlier this summer. Now all 10 episodes are available on Netflix and the first 6 are on Hulu so I may start watch those.

Watched a documentary today about grafitti called Exit Through The Gift Shop. Last week I watched Burning Man: Beyond Black Rock, The Botany of Desire, How to Eat Your Watermelon in White Company and Enjoy it, and Howl. I liked all of them. I also watched The Science of Sleep over a period of two or three days. I couldn’t focus on it for some reason. I ended up watching Eternal Sunshine again. I love that movie.

How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each pray’r accepted, and each wish resign’d …

Pope, Alexander

Mary is my favorite character in that one.

I want to watch something before bed but I am feeling a little tired now.

Ta ta for now.

Gratitude for today:
I woke up
took the 1st quiz for math
finished lecture series on the short stories
art with a friend
test drove an awesome bike. So much fun.
use of my housemate’s mac
blue blue sky..nice weather
the internet
my Sia playlists on Pandora and Spotify
JD Samson photos


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