In between. I’m feeling in between. But good. I bought a bike the other day. I got it for $329. I used some financial aid money. I picked it up yesterday. I haven’t rode a bike in years. I haven’t had my own bike since I was like 16. It was a good idea. I feel more free. It took me almost an hour to get from downtown to my place. A few small hills. I stopped at the Park on my way home and took a longer way around because I wanted to avoid the main traffic area. I thought I would be sore today but only my but is a little. My but bones. I’m sure there’s a proper word for it but I haven’t studied anatomy enough to know it. All and all, I’m super psyched about this new thing in my life. I need to look at the manual and figure out the locks. I may buy another seat but maybe just a cushion. A new friend has a cushion he said he could give me. I got the bike, the rear and front lights and a u-lock with a cable lock, and an awesome Nutcase Helmet.

i love my brain

I may get a kickstand, a water bottle, a rack, a bell, a clip on/off front basket, saddlebags, and bell later on down the road. I think my next purchase will be bike gloves.

I’m psyched about school. My psychology class is brilliant. I will take it as an honor’s class. I just have to think of a topic for the research paper (8-10 pages for honors credit). I was thinking about doing something on how children of African descent learn best. I read an article last fall that says we learn best by doing it. Not the listening/lecture approach. We gotta move around. This style of learning is called Kinesthetic learning. But I think I may do it on creativity and how creativity or doing art helps people learn. I’m not sure.

Today has been pretty good so far. I’m dogsitting for a friend.

Raz and Me

The dog is named Raz, short for Erasmus, and he is a schnoodle (schnauzer poodle mix) and he’s friendly and awesome 😀 I like having a dog around. My housemate has a dog and her gf has two but they are rarely over here anymore. So..this week for me will be great.

I finally made it to the library to pick up some dvd’s that I placed on hold. I watched one of the them, Dogtown and Z-Boys this afternoon. I love the innovation and the spirt of the guys who bought skateboarding to world wide attention. I love the physicality of it. I’ve always wanted to learn to surf but this is like land surfing. I’ve been afraid of water because I don’t swim that well and I wear glasses. I gotta get prescription goggles maybe and go for it. Maybe next year. I don’t like that I just wrote maybe next year. It’s a body thing and a money thing. Right now I am trying to work with what I have for the most part. Borrow what I don’t. Accept the generosity of the friends and acquaintances I know and so on..

I am more relaxed than I have been. Still loads I want to do but I know that for me it’s not so much about that right now. Who cares if I do a lot if I’m not having a great time. I want to focus more on feeling good and feeling peace within as I go about doing stuff or not doing stuff.

ta ta for now

blue sky
Housemate and Gf visit
raw spinach
chocolate chewey cookies
my phone, FB, email
Le Tigre (rawr) I love the 1st album so much
feeling nice and strong and capable
my awesome Nutcase helmet


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