Which Planet Do I Come From?

I took a couple of quizzes on Facebook that I thought I’d share here.

    Which Planet Do You Come From?

My Result: Vega
Vega is in the constellation Lyra, near Taurus, and has two suns and two moons. Vega is a planet of divine balance between the feminine and the masculine. Beings from the Vega star system are 5th dimensional beings who communicate and express themselves through consciousness and telepathy. A being from Vega is very intelligent, with talents diverse ranging from the healing arts, to technology, to finance and economic structuring and balancing. If you are Vegan you are here to help awaken the planet to a higher consciousness, through the balancing of polarities. Many incarnated Vegas now practise Buddhism or walk a path of perfect harmony and balance.

    Where in the order of angels do you stand?

Evan got THE SERAPH.
The seraphim are so bright and blinding that even other divine entities cannot bear to look at their beauty and radiance. Burning in eternal love and fervor for God, they are the caretakers of His throne, rivaling even the blazing colors of the twilight when they rustle their wings and shout their praises for their commander. Strong in spirit and vigor, you are always burning, too: with passion, humility, and unending love.

Pretty entertaining! 😀


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