To My Younger Brother

I love you. I love her. I love him. I don’t know him but I love him. I’ve loved him as soon as I heard he was growing in her womb from your seed meeting her egg. He is made from you and from her. His family history comes from you and your family and her and her family. I am his family. I am your family. I am her family. He loves both of you and always will. He will be the only child you both make together. He is an only child. You are an only child. I am an only child. She is an only child. Mom is an only child. He will love both of you forever and I do not want him to be alone in his love for you. I will always be the other someone on this planet that loves both his parents with my whole heart. He will not be alone in his love. In this way, he will be able to love his whole self. All the parts of himself that are different and conflicting and confusing. This is my gift to him. This holding of love space. Your son. My nephew. Whoever he is. Whoever he becomes. Forever and ever. Amen.