I am grateful for

my bike and the freedom I feel when I ride it.
I actually was able to lock it up in under a minute today when I went to therapy.

My therapist who helps me make sense of things and listens well and asks good questions. I’ve seen her four times now and am starting to trust a bit more and open up a bit more

Piano! We got assigned so much homework this week but one of the songs I absolutely love and I only practiced it a bit. It’s about at 60% already. It’s called East River Boogie and it’s a lot of fun.

Dr. Who

Elena Undone-I really really love this movie. I’ve watched it and let it play in the background while I do stuff. It’s my current favorite lesbian film. I really love the soundtrack too. And the actresses who play the leads. Necar Zadegan and Tracy Dinwiddie embody these characters so fully they feel like real women. I feel the emotional reality of the characters as they navigate their situation. It’s a really special film for me.

I am grateful for all the folk I came into contact with today.

I am grateful for my ipod. My old one broke mid summer and I didn’t have money to replace it. I got a new one for $59 and finally was able to load my music on it a few days ago. I feel so much better in general.

I am grateful for my living space and all that I have

for my health
for my bed which is calling me now!


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