Love Needs Expression

The past few days I’ve been hearing MJ’s voice sing, “love needs expression..” the rest of the lyrics are..”but I’ve learned too late.” (She’s Out Of My Life)

It’s not too late.

Work is love made visible.-Kahlil Gibran
and the inverse
Love is work made visible is true for me as well. At this time, these are words for me to live in harmony and accordance with.

I know that I am different. Different doesn’t mean deficit nor does it mean superiority. I am me. I am my Self. No worse or better than anyone else. And no one is better or worse than me. There are differences in behavior (actions), attention, what we pay attention (energy) to or give attention to. There are differences in interests, experiences, and perceptions. There is the universal truth that we are one. One. Uni. Whole. The Universe. One Song. Yet, there is also the individual. The individual and the collective.

The One and The Many making one.
The One and The Many equaling one.

For me, this means that for every one, there’s more than one. There is a necessity to recognize and live the reality of this.

We all spark from the same source. And source for me is Love & Light.

Love + Light = Life

Love + Intelligence = Life

Illuminated Love is life to me. Is who I am and who I want to be. Love needs expression and I have not learned this too late. Something in me is sending a constant reminder, like an ever persistent alarm clock. Wake up! Wake up! Get to work! Do the work you have inside you. Put your work and self out in the world. Now. Love needs expression. Now. Now! And always tied in with that is Kahlil Gibran’s “Work is love made visible.” and the inverse

Love is work made visible. This writing now, is a part of the work that I do. Thank you for reading. A reader makes a writer complete. Whenever I get a compliment on the writing or a comment, it encourages me. Thanks to those who do.

Early Saturday (11Sept24) morning I put a donation button on this blog after much back and forth in my mind about it. I like to do things on my own. But..I am not an island on to myself. I ultimately decided to put the button on here because at this time I could use financial assistance. I know and trust that I will use whatever is donated in ways that support me and the work that I do now that will manifest in future. No amount is too small, just as in waking, walking life, there is no such thing as a small act of kindness. If you have questions about the work I am doing, please feel free to email me at

Thanks to all who donate. Thanks to all who have helped me in the past. It is much appreciated. More than words can express. Thanks to all who support me in the many many ways that have nothing to do with dollars and cents and 1’s and 0’s.

endojé-love unite(s) us



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