Siento Lo Mismo Para Ti

My heart, my heart
is beating in two bodies now.
My heart has found a match.
I know immortality.
I know all
is possible.
I know what I have always known.
I can rest now
in peace I can dwell in joy
I am its very center.
And you are here with me.

Love our meeting
place. Love our jumping
off place. Love
our everywhere.

My love and I,
May we have eternities stretched before us.
May we cherish each moment together as we do now.
May our love beget
beauty and life itself.
May our love be light
in creation,
Terra Nova,
Across the Universe.

Thank you for being
Thank the heavens for bringing us together.
Thank us for being us.

Te amo mi amor.
Te amo.

You are water and earth and air and fire. Life,
newly born. I see Life when I look
in you. When you look in me
what do you see?
I am ancient. Older than Earth. A new born babe.
I circle time all the time.
In every element we are evenly matched.
Every age is accounted for.
I do not think it luck
our meeting. Our now.
We have fought so hard to be here
in this place. In this time.
So many tears.
So many years.
So much heart ache.
Loneliness. Pain.
So much
Irrepressible hope and will. Always
Laughter (tonic for the ailing heart)

Warrior, with a tender heart.
Brave, bruised, beautiful.
Body aging, Spirit Eternally young.
Strength beyond measure.
Yes, it’s true.
My heart is your heart and your heart is my heart.
Be patient with me.
I have been alone too long.
I have suffered.
You and I know what this (suffering) means.
Sacrifice: The rejection of self for the love of others. For outward peace.
That time is past. That time is over.
It is like waking from a dream into another dream.
And you are here with me.
My love, my love.
Your love, your love.
Siento lo mismo para ti.

Love guide us. Watch over us.
We are your happy servants.

6 thoughts on “Siento Lo Mismo Para Ti

  1. I think this is beautiful, I’ve reblogged it on my site! I hope you don’t mind! Credit and link to original post of course has been listed 🙂


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